Death Has Become Her

by The LVRS

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    Love, Violence, Religion & Sex.

    The LVRS are Tairrie B & Mick Murphy. 'Death Has Become Her' is the first official album by My Ruin's hard rock, husband & wife duo. Started in 2003 as a side project, Mr & Mrs M recorded "The Murder of Miss Hollywood" followed by "The Secret Life Of Lola Burns" in 2004 which they sold in limited edition copies at shows. This album was released in 2006 on their own imprint label Rovena Recordings via Undergroove Records UK and features 21 cinematic doom spoken word stories which were taken from both albums along with 2 new stories for this digital re-release.

    When she's not screaming, Mrs M is the voice and the words of The LVRS. It's her ability to bravely go where many fear to tread lyrically that allows her to be so naked on these recordings while showing a side that has rarely been seen until now. Death becomes her as she assumes the identities of the women she has used as her muses by becoming them within her words and letting them become her in return.

    A lover, a fighter, a narrator and survivor. She is the killer as well as the victim. There is nothing left to the imagination.. You are there with her and what you hear is what happened. Dripping with dramatic intent she uses her words to cultivate her own wicked garden of earthly nightmares intoxicating the ears with confessions of adult fantasies and childhood memories brought back to life by way of poetry.

    Mr M is the man behind the woman. Resurrecting her voice by creating a musical yet cinematic atmosphere that is both beautiful as it is brutal. His music surrounds her sermons in soundscapes using subtle effects under selected spoken pieces while leaving only the harsh reality of her words in others.

    The LVRS recordings are pleasantly uncomfortable and deliciously macabre uneasy listening. Find your safe place where you feel the most at home,turn down the lights, put on your headphones and just listen. Alone, with a friend or with your LoVeR.

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"Rock's resident queen of scream, embraces the spoken word."

As someone who has spent the greater part of her career screaming her lungs raw, you might not think a spoken-word project would be the obvious medium of choice for Tairrie B. As it turns out The LVRS (a two-piece partnership with My Ruin guitarist/husband Mick Murphy) is possibly the best thing she's ever put her name to. Trading rage for slow measured menace and a dense sound pool of drones, cinematic passages and occasional rock backdrops, 'Death's trials of life, love and loss offer a new found musical expanse and emotional weight (Laundry is stark account of her grandmothers suicide that eclipses her previous output in one bloodied stroke).

For Fans of: Henry Rollins & Lydia Lunch

“Not for the faint of heart. Warm hands. Cold Blood. Where do I start?” Equal parts Masterpiece Theatre and Silence of the Lambs, the macabre new record by The LVRS is like a grisly accident you can’t tear your eyes from. Adhering to the mission statement that "Sometimes a whisper is more frightening than a scream", Tairrie's voice rarely rises above the magnetic purr she utilizes so well. She doesn't need to be more forceful however, because from the first moment of 'Deep In A Mood' your ears are stapled to the speakers hanging onto every fascinating syllable. Tairrie's words are frame worked by the atmospheric instrumentation of her significant other, Mick Murphy. 'Death Has Become Her' is not for the casual listener.



Real life LVRS Tairrie B and Mick Murphy have created something truly unique and so personal that they may as well of cut out their hearts and packaged them up in a box sealed with a pretty red ribbon. 'Death Has Become Her' is a harrowing album, which comprises of emotionally scorned and private non - fiction that requires you to truly listen and soak up what's being told and shared with you. If you're expecting a My Ruin album - you wont find it here - instead you will find eerie intense musical backgrounds created by the talented Mick Murphy and accompanied by the husky yet deadly serious and masochistic voice of Miss B. This album is a conglomeration of tracks from 2 previous self released cd's from The LVRS back catalogue 'The Murder of Miss Hollywood' and 'Lola Burns' -which were until now only sold via the band themselves on merch stalls and through their website. A record like this is a gem, and one that requires absolute attention, preferably whilst alone or with your lover as you sip on wine and let real life emotion pour into you from the depths of a distant relationship comprising of Love, Violence, Religion and Sex. The LVRS are the past, present and fascinating future you need to be a apart of this.



This dazzling spoken-word album is a side project for
two of the members of LA rockers My Ruin, with the singer in Tairrie B doing the talking and musician Mick Murphy providing the background noise Tairrie also rants something chronic about the money-obsessed workings of the music industry. Her monologues
have the power to potentially brainwash, and the content that plagues some of the tracks will be the stuff of some people's worst nightmares. Surely 'Death Has Become Her' will go down a storm with My Ruin fans. Just because Tairrie is talking rather than singing doesn't in any way diminish the power of her entrancing voice. When she opens her mouth, it's impossible not to listen, and some of the things that she comes out with can be regarded as sheer poetry, with the murderously moody 'The First Time' and 'The Romance Is Dead' ('I don't trust you but I enjoy the way you lie') Tairrie's honesty is irresistible, and the idea to pursue this project has certainly been worth the effort, as I hope you'll agree.



'Death Has Become Her' has a totally unique sound
and you find yourself stopping what you are doing to listen to 'Tairries' every word. Its not the kind of album you're going to listen to loudly time and time again, but when your alone and in peace. If your expecting something that sounds similar to 'My Ruin' you will be totally disappointed but im pretty sure hardcore 'My Ruin' fans will totally love this release as you get to hear 'Tarries' vocals in a totally
different way for 60 minutes and hear some dark tales.



The side project of My Ruin's Mick Murphy and Tairrie B is an incredibly peculiar side project indeed. Closer to an elaborately produced and soundtrack-backed audio book, "Death Has Become Her" is really just a collection of tales about love and death as read by Tairrie B. "I will never be unfaithful… no matter how many times they fuck me, rape me, or imitate me," is delivered with such spite that it instantly sets the mood for the remaining 22 tracks – and it's not a comfortable one. With an album of this nature you can look at it in one of two ways; as an interesting alternative to regularly released music or as an over-priced film without pictures – though either way,
you have to respect their determination to be different. The atmosphere and underlying melody occasionally gives the impression of classy Sin City style narration.



The new LVRS album has affected me way more
than I thought it would. It made me cry for an hour straight. It is so beautiful. So brutal. It hurts to listen to…but you can’t stop listening. It’s like reading someone’s diary that you know you shouldn’t be reading, but it’s so captivating, you can’t put it down.



So when was the last time you really, properly,
listened to an album? When it wasn't the background
noise and you gave every word your undivided attention? The LVRS, better known as My Ruin's Mick Murphy and Tairrie B are a band who demand that sort of attention from their listener, not to mention the strength of mind, and stomach, to handle some dark places and personal demons. The LVRS challenging, often uncomfortable, spoken word is an acquired taste, but for those who don't want what they put on their stereo to challenge them there's James Blunt. For those still willing to invest some emotion, thought, and a whole lot of love, in their music there are rich rewards to be reaped by working through the many intricate layers to this record. As much an anthology of scary tales, ghosts stories (Caspar-style and some more personal specters of the past) and the odd dark romance as it is an album 'Death Has Become Her' invites you to turn the lights low and hang on every word. Frighteningly good stuff.




released February 14, 2006

Spoken Word Stories by Tairrie B. Murphy
Atmospheric Arrangements by Mick Murphy
Produced by The LVRS
Rovena Recordings 1.14.2006
Re-Released 1.14. 2011
Cover Photo by Camera Shy | London, England 2006



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The LVRS Los Angeles, California

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